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A interesting Solar Kettle :


(Click for larger image)

Listening to another interview with a bewildered politician in the UK – Justine Greening.

In a democracy stating numerous times that “I make the decisions” is not a good way to gain my confidence….let’s remember what a democracy stands for..

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Location:Crosbie Rd,,United Kingdom

From our hotel room in Troon.

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Location:Crosbie Rd,,United Kingdom

with a farmshop, decent food and good services.


and it’s Tebay services in Westmoreland.

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It’s Sunday morning, just past 9 o’clock

It’s 25 degrees and sunny outside.


It’s 22:30 – we are sitting in the garden after a barbecue and it’s still warm



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Now that the BT Infinity line has had time to settle down (no restarts in the last month) and stabilise the statistics look like this :


The download throughput has gone down to around 67 Mbit/s, and uploads as expected 20 Mbit/s. All in all not bad.

The rather alarmingly large figures on FEC error for the last 15 minutes are obviously there as a bug in the router, as you can see if you try to multiply the figures per minute by 15 you will not get the rates in the next column, so I will disregard these.


very good – based on having transferred 20 Gbyte yesterday .

In our house we have subscribed to the “no-call list” – but we still seem to get a large number of telesales calls. And some calls with “unknown” pr “withheld” numbers that have called us at regular intervals during the night.

But as we use a Fritzbox to connect our wireless phones and other devices to the landline I set up the following rule on the Fritzbox


Now all unknown calls go directly to the Fritzbox answering machine, and if they are “real” calls we assume they will leave a message so that we can call them back.

It works remarkably well.