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These are the best supermarket coffee beans we have found so far – everyone that tastes the coffee actually asks what it is.
And it is “Union hand-roasted coffee” bought at Waitrose.

The gas usage in our house :


As you can see from the graph (not easily mind you) over the first 6 months of the year we used almost the same amount of gas as during the first 6 months of last year. Not bad considering we have had a much colder start to this year, where we have actually used the heating in the house more.

At the moment we are down to the lowest gas usage for any period measured so far – with a average of 1.22 units per day over the last 72 days, which is almost 30% below the same period last year.

This is in no small part due to our refurb of our conservatory, which had 8 glass doors leaking heat through non-insulated gaps between the doors and the door frames. This has now been properly fixed, and we are seeing the results already.

A sight I had hoped never to see

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Hm! One of my barriers to blogging is the lack of offline editing facilities in Drupal 7 – so I am still using Drupal 6 for this blog.

I have for many years used Ecto (and a few such tools under IOS) to do all my editing of web posts, but in Drupal 7 the blogapi module was removed from the core code – and even though there has been a bit of preliminary work done to provide a new module for proper XMLRCP access using the blogging protocols this has still not been released in a usable state.

So I have 2 options – writing the code myself – or moving to a different blogging system….

Jonas Gahr Store, Norway’s foreign minister, has written a NYT op-ed explaining why his country refused to treat the mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik any differently from other criminals — because Breivik’s cause is served by treating him as a sort of criminal superman whose crimes are so special that normal justice can’t apply to them.

Confronting and undermining the narratives and ideas of extremism must therefore be one of our key tasks. To do this, we must retain the courage of our convictions in the face of extremism.

Virtually all modern forms of extremism accuse liberal Western democratic systems of being hypocritical and, ultimately, weak. Al Qaeda portrays the West as anti-Islamic imperialists masquerading as promoters of democracy. Right wing extremism suggests the West is committing cultural suicide through its lax judicial system and naïve multiculturalism.

[From Norway’s foreign minister on why Breivik didn’t have a special, secret trial – Boing Boing]

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A good writeup – but the comment section is full of trolls as per usual on the ‘net.

How the Norwegians Reacted to Terrorism
An antidote to the American cycle of threat, fear, and overspending in response to terrorism is this, about Norway on the first anniversary of its terrorist massacre:
And at the political level, the Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg pledged to do everything to ensure the country’s core values were not undermined.
“The Norwegian response to violence is more democracy, more openness and greater political participation,” he said.
A year later it seems the prime minister has kept his word.

[From Schneier on Security: How the Norwegians Reacted to Terrorism]

Occasionally I am actually quite proud of my home country.

Lovely spices used for today’s dinner.

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Falconry equipment – surely not too many customers for this?

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