A (slightly) sad Apple iPad story

2 weeks ago (almost) I bought one of the new iPads in Santa Monica AppleStore, and I was asked by the sales guy if I wanted Applecare+.

For those that have not come across Applecare+ it’s main selling point is that it covers accidental damage to the iPad in addition to the normal coverage – you are allowed 2 incidents and have to pay $49 per incident.

So I asked the sales guy if this was covered in Europe, as I live in the UK and was travelling back home in a few days. He confirmed this and I paid for everything with my UK Amex card (after having both my Visa debit card and my Natwest black cards refused by my bank – another story).

3 days ago I left the iPad on the back seat of the car, and as we left the car I grabbed it and promptly dropped it on the concrete driveway. The iPad’s screen fractured.

Btw. the iPad seems to work just fine, but it does not look terribly nice and safe any more.

And this is where the saga begins :

– I looked up AppleCare on Apples website and called them – told them the whole story and was put on hold. I was handed over to a supervisor who told me that this product (Applecare+) was not valid in the UK and indeed not sold in the UK.

– I responded by saying that the T&C’s does not state this – they clearly state


which indicates that it is indeed covered in the UK, as there is nothing stating that it is restricted, and a bit further digging shows that AppleCare+ is indeed sold in both Canada and Japan.

But the girl would not budge, they could repair the iPad but would charge around £211 for a new screen – my suggestion that we did this but discounted the fee to $49 was not met with any acceptance.

Fortunately I will be going back to Santa Monica soon – more about that in a separate blog post.

And 2 pics of the damage (click for larger)

IMG_8076 IMG_8077

A new router

After lots of small issues with our O2 WirelessIII router we splashed out on a Fritzbox 7390. It arrived today and I connected it to the O2 ADSL line – and with a few configuration tweaks (more about these later) the internet connection was established


and to my surprise with better line speeds (upload) than I’d ever had on the O2 routers.

A few hours later and the VPN to the box is up and running from the IOS devices we have, and the phone line has been connected to the Fritzbox as well, and I can dial out from a app on the iPhone and iPads – remarkable.

It’s really good – and with a web based configuration interface that actually works.