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After having been asked numerous times for pics – here they are (Click for larger images)

The first pic shows the glass part – and yes they are bespoke and hardened staircase glass.


The second is down the stairs – after they have been oiled. The top is still missing one piece of wood – otherwise almost finished.


Just came across this rather interesting javascript library – dust


looks very interesting – with some nifty features and good support from Ruby on Rails.

I’ve had a long term problem with my laptop where it has seemed very slow.

And as it has already been upgraded to its maximum of 4 Gb RAM I started suspecting the 500 Gb hard disk I had upgraded to, so in the end I ran it through Xbench :


This seemed very, very slow – so I ordered a new hard disk (a 500 Gb Seagate) and re-ran the same test :


wow – on average almost 4 times faster.

And even better – the laptop now “feels” much snappier.