Upgrade to Lion server – webserver problems

After upgrading one of our Mac’s to Lion Server I had a problem where the webserver refused to start up correctly – and as most server management uses the webserver it makes life a bit difficult.

But the solution was simple – the httpd.conf file was missing for some reason.

Fix : go to /etc/apache2 (“cd /etc/apache2 “)

copy “httpd.conf.default” to “httpd.conf”, and restart the webserver.

Our wonderful holiday in Scotland

We just had a wonderful holiday in a rented cottage in Scotland – and they have a website – http://www.cliff-cottage-grogport.co.uk/.

It’s a very nice cottage with fantastic views over the sea – and perfect for sea kayaking. I actually saw seals during my first trip out in the kayak.


The cottage even had a perfect little storage space for the kayaks.


The view from the bedroom window (Click for larger).


The caretakers were extremely helpful – and we travelled to the islands and generally had a good time.