Gas usage in our house

We use gas for heating our hot water and the central heating – and since approximately Christmas we have been using a combination of new electronic thermostats/actuators and a number of homebuilt (jeenode based) sensor to control our heating.

So I am happy to see that for the period from Xmas to end june last year, compared to the same period this year we were using

18 December 2009 – 22 june 2010 – A average of 7.48 units per day

11 December 2010 – 29 june 2011 – A average of 5.30 units per day

So we have definitely managed to reduce our gas usage quite a lot.

But this is just step 1 – and we have more plans for further reducing our gas usage over the next 6 months.

Too much travelling

This Saturday I git up at around 05:00 to take a taxi to Heathrow

– From there to Oslo

– From Oslo to Trondheim – arriving at the house around 13:30.

And on Sunday I left the house just before 13:00 to go to Trondheim Airport Værnes

– From here to Oslo Airport Gardermoen

– From here to Stavanger Airport Sola

– From here to Heathrow.

Picked up by my wife and taken home – arriving around 20:00.

So in other words 5 flights and 4 airports for a birthday party In Trondheim.

Test of blogpress

Sitting I Trondheim (Norway) testing a new blogging editor called blogpress for my iPad. The idea being that I do not really write any real blogs from my iPhone due to the input challenges on a small device.

Let’s see if this editor increases the number of postings – as they are virtually zero at the moment.

– Posted using BlogPress from my iPad