My Jeenode stopped working

All my LCD jeenodes stopped working today – with no easy to find reason until at long last I found that the wireless bad had changed


it show up as 433 MHz instead of 868 MHz – this is part of the standard configuration that is stored in non-volatile memory.

So either a random sequence of input characters had reset it – or ….

OsX DVD Player patch

(use at your own risk) – a webpage where you can download a piece of software to patch your Apple supplied DVD player to get rid of those annoying FBI notices and copyright notices at the beginning of each DVD replay:

Why won’t the DVD player in OS X allow me to skip certain content or change audio/subtitle tracks on certain DVDs? you ask.

Well, the first answer is UOPs, or user operation prohibitions, and the second answer is probably some sort of licensing blah-blah-blah that prohibits Apple from ignoring UOPs in their software.

But the real answer is that there’s nothing preventing you and me from modifying the DVD player software however we like. So here’s a patch to disable those annoying UOPs. It’s a simple bash shell script, easy to modify in a text editor should you be so inclined.

[From DVD Player patch]

Ruby Activerecord problems

I have spent a few hours today trying to find problems with the new versions of Activerecord in accessing a MySQL database from Ruby.

And in the end I had to revert to a older version (2.3.8) of the gem – as I was unable to get the search functions to run properly (.Create seems to work ok though)

So in the end I had to insert the following in each of my source files :

gem ‘activerecord’, ‘<3.0.0’

require ‘active_record’   

to make sure they use the old version of the gem

GoogleSharing – how to keep your data away from Google

Interesting :

GoogleSharing is a special kind of anonymizing proxy service, designed for a very specific threat. It ultimately aims to provide a level of anonymity that will prevent Google from tracking your searches, movements, and what websites you visit. GoogleSharing is not a full proxy service designed to anonymize all your traffic, but rather something designed exclusively for your communication with Google. Our system is totally transparent, with no special “alternative” websites to visit. Your normal work flow should be exactly the same.

[From GoogleSharing :: A Special Kind Of Proxy]