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I’ve for a long time had a speed problem with the data I transmit using Jeenodes – I have not been able to reliably transmit data at above 1200 bits/s.

At long last I sat down to figure it out – and found 2 key problems

– I was opening the port before every line I transmitted – making the Jeeduino reset itself.

– I found out that I had to read a response after every line I transmitted.

Now it does 57.600 with no problems.

Excellent – no on to the next challenge.

And if you know the driver of this car :


(Click for larger)

– tell him from me that he’s a absolutely insanely stupid driver with a deathwish (I do not mind if he wants to kill himself – be my guest – but that he tries to endanger others I really do not like).

On the offramp from the m25 to the M3 he suddenly weered to the right, could not pass the car in front of him due to the large amount of other cars, the weered left, crossed the lane to his left, onto the hard shoulder, decided to accelerate past the car in the left hand lane, cut in front of it, then across to his previous lane, braked so hard that smoke came off his wheels, leading to the car behind him breaking just as hard, and then continued as if nothing had happened.

Idiot! – and with a small child in the car.

And I do dislike vanity plates with fancy fonts as well..

Hm! Managed to get that off my chest.

At the market in Stockholm I found a ample supply of tyttebær – one of the few things I have really been missing from Norway


(Click for larger image)

btw. it’s the red berry in the middle of the picture.

We’re now making “rørt tyttebær” – my favourite type of jam!!!!

And later on we’ll be making “trollkrem” – even better!!!

Apple has quietly released a battery charger – and I must admit that I did not realise it was something special until I read the following :

The specs are what make this thing particularly interesting for low-power battery-powered devices:

each NiMH AA cell holds 1900 mAh charge (rumored to be rebranded Sanyo Eneloops)
the batteries are reported to retain at least 70% of their charge for 2 years
battery lifetime is reported as being at least 10 years (with recharges, of course)
the charger drops to 30 mW “vampire” power draw once the batteries are charged
To start with the latter: I’ve verified it. When charging, there’s a small yellow LED and it draws less than 4 watts. When done, the LED turns green, and power consumption drops to 0.18W. Then, after 6 hours, the LED goes off and the power consuption drops to… zero! At least on the very sensitive SBC-500 I used.

[From » New AA battery option Jee Labs]

Hm! As we have a AAA battery charger permanently plugged in this is interesting – I may have to go out an get one.


How fantastic is this :

BrewTroller Project

The BrewTroller Project is an open source community focused on developing and supporting control systems for brewing beer. The project started with the BrewTroller board but has expanded to support alternate firmware for this board (FermTroller) and add-on devices.

Just built my first Jeenode Relay plug


and rewrote my rewrite of the “rooms” sketch to add control of both relays from a computer.

I just used this to turn on and off a RGB LED strip I’m going to use for a light inside a set of cabinets. It works.

Next step is now to build 2 MOSFET plugs to let me control light levels and colours.

It’s all starting to come together.

I just found jsfiddle – a great helper when developing javascript :


(Click for larger)

I’m using it to make sure I understand the slightly obtuse highcharts examples.


The charting of electricity usage are improving as my understanding of highcharts is improving – and they now look better


(Click for larger)

It is of course difficult to use the dynamic zoom features in a static image as the one I have embedded here (-; .

image1063152554.jpgin the mountains above Trysil.