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Just so set the scene :

– I have a iPhone 4 (Vodafone UK)

– And I have a Boingo mobile phone subscription on it (around £4/month)

I am currently sitting outside Starbucks – on my MacBook – connected to the Internet using tethering from the MacBook to the iPhone.

It looks remarkably like I can use the Boingo subscription on my iPhone to connect my MacBook to the Internet through the iPhones wireless (ie Starbucks) wifi netowrk.


image8945450.jpgthe sky over London.

The Ruby Mail gem has now been updated to include a “delete” method – even if it is for all emails on the server – there is no way of individually deleting emails so far.

Except for this – a excellent gem.

Mail is an internet library for Ruby that is designed to handle emails generation, parsing and sending in a simple, rubyesque manner.

The purpose of this library is to provide a single point of access to handle all email functions, including sending and receiving emails. All network type actions are done through proxy methods to Net::SMTP, Net::POP3 etc.

Built from my experience with TMail, it is designed to be a pure ruby implementation that makes generating, sending and parsing emails a no brainer.

It is also designed form the ground up to work with Ruby 1.9. This is because Ruby 1.9 handles text encodings much more magically than Ruby 1.8.x and so these features have been taken full advantage of in this library allowing Mail to handle a lot more messages more cleanly than TMail. Mail does run on Ruby 1.8.x… it’s just not as fun to code.

Finally, Mail has been designed with a very simple object oriented system that really opens up the email messages you are parsing, if you know what you are doing, you can fiddle with every last bit of your email directly.

[From mikel’s mail at master – GitHub]