Kindle for Mac

And the Kindle reader for the Mac is out in the wild:


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Read Kindle Books on Your Mac
Get the best reading experience available on your Mac. No Kindle required
Access your Kindle books even if you don’t have your Kindle with you
Automatically synchronizes your last page read and annotations between devices with Whispersync
Create bookmarks and view the annotations you created on your Kindle

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Meteor – a exiting new web server

Once in a while a new way of serving web pages (or parts of pages) comes along – and Meteor is one of these :

Meteor is an HTTP server which gives developers the freedom to think about web development in an entirely new way. It comprises the Meteor server and a standalone Javascript class which can be used in webpages to provide an abstraction layer for receiving data streams. Designed to be as simple and flexible as possible, Meteor offers a great solution for those wishing to add asynchronous functionality to their web projects.

A meteor is the visible event that occurs when a meteoroid or asteroid enters the earth’s atmosphere and becomes brightly visible (thanks to Garth for correcting me on this!). Our Meteor an implementation of a technique called Comet for using the HTTP protocol for persistent streaming data connections. The term ‘Comet’ was coined by Alex Russell in his post ‘Comet: Low Latency Data for the Browser’.

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In terms of location data, few get more than Skyhook Wireless. The positioning technology is in use in tens of millions of devices around the globe, including, notably, on every iPhone. And now the company has a simple way for third-parties to tap into that data in a useful way. [From SpotRank Is Skyhook’s Intelligent Location Firehose. SimpleGeo Is The First To Wield.]

Excellent news for anyone planning to migrate from Exchange

Google is really trying to take over the (microsoft) world:

Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange is a new server-side tool that migrates a company’s email, calendar and contact data from Microsoft Exchange, an email server software product from Microsoft, to Google Apps. Google promises ease with the tool, allowing IT administrators the ability to select the mail, calendar and contact data to move in phases and migrate hundreds of users at the same time. Plus, employees can use Exchange during the migration without any interruption. The tool works with Exchange 2033 and 2007 for both on-premise and hosted applications and is available to the enterprise and education versions of Google Apps. [From Google Makes Exchanging Microsoft Exchange For Google Apps A Bit Easier]

Lateral thinking – sewing needles

I just love it when I see a non-conventional way of solving a problem such as this :

You know, as long as human beings have been squinting and poking at the tiny eyes of sewing needles, it’s pretty amazing that it’s taken so long for some clever inventor to address the problem. These spiral eye sewing needles are available direct from their inventor, Pam Turner of Minnesota. I’ve never used one, but the user feedback I hear echoing through the tubes is uniformly positive. [via Boing and a Boing] [From Easy-thread sewing needle]

Ruby’s Mail gem

I use a very nice Ruby gem called “Mail” to read emails from a POP3 account.

So far so good – but the documentation is, to put it mildly, somewhat lacking.

As a good example I’m trying to find out who the email is from – and I had to do a complete “hit-and-miss” test with large numbers of variables until I found one that worked – and it turns out to be :

  puts post.header[:From]

as none of the ones in the documentation worked.

Energizer battery charger contains backdoor? REALLY?

If this is true then this is yet another good reason to use Macs/

Energizer Duo
WHAT? Un-freaking-believable! Energizer battery charger contains backdoor

The United States Computer Emergency Response Team (US-CERT) has warned that the software included in the Energizer DUO USB battery charger contains a backdoor that allows unauthorized remote system access. In an advisory, the US-CERT warned that he installer for the Energizer DUO software places the file UsbCharger.dll in the application’s directory and Arucer.dll in the Windows system32 directory. An attacker is able to remotely control a system, including the ability to list directories, send and receive files, and execute programs. The backdoor operates with the privileges of the logged-on user.

This is the best reason to pick an open source battery charger, like the MintyBoost in the Maker Shed. The MintyBoost will not install software and not trojan your computer.

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LEDs Arduino and Ikea

I want one of these tables from the following article:

That’s a lot of LEDs, and a little bit of glass cleaner. [Tobias] spiced up his IKEA coffee table by adding 6144 LEDs. This is a larger realization of SparkFun’s LED coffee table which used 64 8×8 modules. [Tobias] sourced three display boards from Sure Electronics for a total of 96 8×8 modules. These boards are addressed through a serial interface; four serial lines for each board but a shared data bus for each of the row select pins and the data/latch/clock pins. This method uses 19 of the 20 pins on the Arduino that drives the display. After the break you can see a demonstration. If this is more than you need there’s always the 112-LED and 81-LED table projects that can produce a full color range.

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