Sun virtualisation environments

This is very, very interesting – interoperability between virtual servers?

Sun xVM Server software is highly interoperable with VMware’s ESX Server and Microsoft’s Hyper-V. It uses the same virtual hard disk and virtual appliance formats, enabling customers to easily move workloads between VMware ESX and Sun xVM Server software seamlessly. At the same time, it can export to Hyper-V’s disk image format, VHD. [From MySQL and Virtualization through Sun xVM Server]

Imagine the record industry in Control of Handbag Industry

Very good point of view:

Imagine what the handbag industry would look like if it was controlled by the record labels and the movie studios. A handbag would only work with one outfit. Its contents would fall out the bottom at international borders. Handbag sharers would be sued.

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[From Imagine RIAA, MPAA in Control of Handbag Industry]

Wattson interfacing – part 3

Sending the character “I” to the Wattson when it is in Power collecting mode (3996W in display – the W is the power indicator)


This corresponds perfectly to the “p0F9C” – which in decimal is 3996.

So the Wattson is now reporting every point it is collecting – excellent.

I now think I may have a starting point for interfacing the Wattson and starting to collect my own data.

Interfacing to a Wattson

As I’ve bought a Wattson – and starting to use the accompanying software (Holmes) to collect data – it’s clear that the Wattson would be much more useful if I could get access to the data from my own software (I’ve got lots of ideas – more about that later).

And seeing the drivers they use to interface the Wattsons USB port to the Mac seems to be the same as I use for the Arduino, I kicked off Xterm (a terminal emulator) and attached the USB cable to the Wattson. With a little bit of experminatation it seemed that I got a echo from the Wattson if I set the interface speed to 192.000 bit/s.

IMG_0797.JPG IMG_0798.JPG

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The I fired up Holmes and the following text popped up in Xterm….


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I exited Xterm, and fired up Holmes on it’s own – and saw the following :


hm! It looks like the S003776 is the Wattson announcing its serial number to Holmes.

So in other words I have a start on finding out how the Wattson communicates with the computer – now the serious digging can start.

(All this would of course be unnecessary if DIY Kyoto released the protocol as promised (-;)