Rev – the iPhone tide into your cars onboard diagnostics.

This is a interesting application that uses a wireless “dongle” to plug into all modern cars diagnostic port, and it lets you read out all kinds on interesting information (in real time):


Rev Features

Built-in Metrics (No special hardware required)

Lateral and Forward Acceleration: Graph your cornering, braking and acceleration G-forces. (Available in Rev Lite)
GPS Track: Visual track displays your location and acceleration data – see how you are braking and accelerating around corners. (Available in Rev Lite)
OBD Metrics (Requires OBD-II/WLAN interface hardware)

Vehicle Speed
Fuel Consumption
Engine Coolant Temp
Fuel Pressure
Calculated Engine Load
Throttle Position
Intake Manifold Pressure
Air Intake Temp
Timing Advance
Mass Air Flow
Fuel Level
Barometric Pressure
EVAP System Vapor Pressure
Fuel Trim

[From Rev]

Problematic update to Drupal 6

Upgrading this site from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 has proven to be difficult – as the upgrade script encounters a infinite loop. And a bit of digging may have come up with part of the reason for this.

I had to manually skip the schema number 6021 upgrade of the system module – as the update process went into the infinite loop at this stage.

Doing this is a bit dangerous – as I had to kill off the upgrade process after it had run for 12 hours (!) – and then restarted, but I then manually had to increase the base version for the system module with 1 – and then it ran to completion

I now see other problems – so I will have to try to rectify these now.

leaf fall timetable

Mobile Blogging from here.

I am still somewhat bemused by the “leaf fall timetable” for the trains that started today.

This is apparently due to the very juicy leaves from local trees falling on the trains conductor rails, slowing the trains down.

I have not seen so many people running for the train in a long time.

Groundspeak announces iPhone application

Hm! Groundspeak (at is announcing a geocaching application on their site – the feature set soudns a lot like iGeoCacher:

Groundspeak’s Geocaching Application will provide real-time, direct access to’s database of worldwide geocaches. Application features include: access to geocache details, including description, hint and recent logs, trackable item lookups, and full navigation capability.
Watch this space for additional information, coming soon.


[From Geocaching – The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site ]

New Japanese restaurant in Surrey

Wow – a new japanese restaurant not too far away!

I find their website “challenging” – as I find any completely flash based website – and less than helpful for the restaurant itself. (And due to its nature the website seems to be very far down on any searches for the restaurant on Google – bad ranking).

But I am going to visit!


[From Fennel – Japanese Cuisine]

Metal plates send messages to airport x-ray screeners

I like this – but I’m not likely to be a test subject, I’m too yellow:


Metal plates send messages to airport x-ray screeners

One of my favorite artists, Evan Roth, is working on a project that will be released soon – the pictures say it all, it’s a “carry on” communication system. These metal places contain messages which will appear when they are X-Rayed. The project isn’t quite done yet, Evan needs access to an X-Ray machine to take some photos and document. If you have access to an X-Ray machine he’s willing to give you a set of the plates for helping out (email fi5e [at]].

[From MAKE: Blog: Metal plates send messages to airport x-ray screeners]

Very interesting rsync-based backup solution

This sounds perfect for my purpose – I will have to try this out:

I had the need for a simple backup solution for disk-to-disk backups on servers. I wanted it to be administered through a terminal (via ssh), run in the background without user interaction, and email me a report once it did its work. I also wanted it to autorotate my backups, and to use hardlinks to save space and speed up incremental backups. Since I couldn’t find something simple that suited my needs, I wrote mlbackup.

mlbackup is a convenient wrapper around rsync 3, which is included in the download. rsync 3 itself is compiled as an universal binary, optimized for PPC and Intel processors in 32-bit and 64-bit incarnations.

There are a ton of features in mlbackup; beyond the autorotation, use of hard links, and email notification noted above, it also includes easy configuration via a text file, backs up all HFS+ metadata, skips certain OS X files (caches, te…

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[From An rsync-based backup solution for easy backups]