Skype video conferencing

One of my few complaints about Skype (and I use it a lot these days), is that you are really unable to do proper video conferencing – as this is limited to 2 people), so along comes MeBeam again – I really will have to test this over the next few days:

Screenshot245A few days ago, I made a post about a new service on MeBeam, which would open up the world of multi-party or multi-user video conferencing to Skype users.

Initially, my idea, or solution, was to provide a service like our operator feature, where you would add MeBeam to your skype contact list, and type in ‘call username’ for every person you wanted to invite to the conference, and MeBeam would send out the invitations on your behalf.

After thinking about this a bit more, the last few weeks, I came to the relisation, that this in itself, would not be very practical for two reasons.

(1) You would have to type in every persons username,
(2) You may have set up skype, so that you see your contacts by their nickname, as opposed to their real username.

From this challenge came innovation, and we have come up with something which I know your going to like.

Without the need to download anything, you can start a video conference with up to 16 of your skype friends, directly from the Skype user interface, with minimal effort.

Although, this service does not go online officially until tomorrow, I am going to post, the how-to now, for all those who have already added MeBeam as a contact to their skype list.

Assuming you have already added the contact MeBeam to your skype list, and your ready to start a multi person video call – click on user MeBeam in your contact list, and then click on the ‘send contacts’ menu item, as shown in this screen shot.


Next, you send the contacts you want to invited to the video conference to MeBeam, by clicking the names on the left hand column and clicking the ‘Add’ button – as shown in this screen shot.


Once you have added everyone, click the ‘Send’ button and wait for the status message to complete.

At this point MeBeam, will generate a unique room for you and your friends, and send the invitations out automatically.

The service is in beta, and may not be 100% stable, but, you should now all have 16 person video calls available from skype.


[From Multi party video for Skype]

Adriaan Tijsseling Sells Ecto to IllumineX

I’m apprehensive.

– On one hand Adriaan has not updated Ecto as frequently in the last year as earlier.

– On the other hand Ecto is still the best tool for the job! (IMHO)

In a forum post, the author of the weblog editor Ecto writes:

The official announcement will be made soon (once we’ve moved and set up the infrastructure), but yes, I’ve sold ecto to illumineX for a variety of reasons I will explain in a blog post accompanying the official announcement. It’s a move that’s definitely for the best. I’m also still involved with ecto on a consultation basis.

Illuminex is the company that bought Freshly Squeezed Software from Brad Miller and Erik Barzeski and then did nothing with it, including even letting the domain name lapse.

Update: More from Barzeski, including a gracious comment from MarsEdit developer Daniel Jalkut. Update 2: Illuminex CEO Gary Longsine comments on the acquisition at Will Benton’s weblog.

★ [From Adriaan Tijsseling Sells Ecto to IllumineX]

Crowd now works with OsX

Crowd is Atlassians excellent Single Sign on and authentication application – it now has a connector to OsX server:

Mac OS X
Navigate to the directory in which Java is installed. This is usually /Library/Java/Home.
Run the command below, where server-certificate.crt is the name of the file from your directory server:
sudo keytool -import -keystore ./lib/security/cacerts -file server-certificate.crt
keytool will prompt you for a password. The default keystore password is changeit.
When prompted Trust this certificate? [no]: enter yes to confirm the key import:
Enter keystore password: changeit
Owner: CN=ad01, C=US
Issuer: CN=ad01, C=US
Serial number: 15563d6677a4e9e4582d8a84be683f9
Valid from: Tue Aug 21 01:10:46 ACT 2007 until: Tue Aug 21 01:13:59 ACT 2012
Certificate fingerprints:
MD5: D6:56:F0:23:16:E3:62:2C:6F:8A:0A:37:30:A1:84:BE
SHA1: 73:73:4E:A6:A0:D1:4E:F4:F3:CD:CE:BE:96:80:35:D2:B4:7C:79:C1
Trust this certificate? [no]: yes
Certificate was added to keystore
You may now use the Secure SSL option when using Crowd to connect to your directory.

[From Configuring an SSL Certificate for Microsoft Active Directory – Crowd 1.4 – Confluence]

Interesting take on batteries (on a very large scale)

Interesting idea – to let Norway continue to export energy (as far as I know Norway is still a net exporter of electricity – and that is all hydro powered)

Norway seen as “Europe’s battery” if develops wind Norway could become “Europe’s battery” by developing huge offshore wind parks backed by existing hydro-power reservoirs, Oil and Energy Minister Aaslaug Haga said on Monday. She said that Norway’s Energy Council, comprising business leaders and government officials, would issue a report later on Monday outlining ways to build wind parks off the coast in a shift to greener energy for the world’s NO. 5 oil exporter. “The report points to th [From Norway seen as “Europe’s battery” if develops wind]

From the MAKE: Blog: Arduino XPort shield build – Part 1

I do love these projects from MAKE:, I am going to order this particular kit to teach myself more about microcontroller programming :

In this build I am going to be making the XPort shield that is available from LadyAda’s web site. The shield will allow you to connect your Arduino to the Internet and check your email, interact with Twitter, send SMS messages, and a whole lot more.

[From MAKE: Blog: Arduino XPort shield build – Part 1]

MediaCloud – UPnP(v1) Client Application For Mac OS X

Interesting software for the Mac – as you can now either stream movies from your existing mediaservers on your Mac, or install one of the mediaservers on a old mac as a server for the rest of the house…

Stream your UPnP movies right to your Mac. MediaCloud for Mac find and keep track of the UPnP MediaServers on your home network and play the video content.

The application is build using the libmcupnp library.

Tested to work with:
MediaTomb(tm) – Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS :
EyeConnect(tm) – Mac OS :
Windows Vista(tm) – Network Discovery :
One2Share(tm) – Windows :
TwonkyMedia(tm) – Mac OS, Windows XP :

[From MediaCloud – Free UPnP(v1) Client Application For Mac OS X]