Catflap controlled by their microchip

This is a good idea – a electronic catflap that is controlled by the microchip most cats already have these days

The Microchip Catflap No Collar Needed Keeps out unwanted cats by using your cat’s existing microchip number without the need for a collar. Automatically detects light levels and can keep your cat in at night. Designed by a vet. [From Pet Porte Microchip Cat Flap ]

This may be what we need for our cats, as my wife likes to keep them in when it’s dark as well!

Cat smell removal

As we have 2 cats – and one of them seems to have had a digestion problem last week. this product seems quite interesting :

Dirt Devil Purpose For Pets Extractor (Images courtesy Dirt Devil)
it Actually tells you (if you do not have a sense of smell – like me) that there is a stain……

[ Purpose For Pets Portable Extractor ] VIA [ Apartment Therapy ]


[From Dirt Devil Purpose For Pets Stain Extractor – Do You Smell Something?]

Downgrading iPod Touch prior to JailBreak

If you have upgraded your iPod Touch software to version 1.1.2 (as I did) then you currently need to “downgrade: to 1.1.1 before you do a “jailbreak”. The best instructions I have found so far are here.

I am currently doing this to my iPod – and will add comments later.


I have now (after applying the necessary files) upgraded to 1.1.2 and installed the iPhone software such as Google Maps and Mobile Email, and it all works – although Email seems to be a bit more touchy when it comes to setting up IMAP emails accounts than it used to be.

But everything works – so I’m a happy camper.

Leopard – new integration features with data detectors

I just noticed this in Mail under Leopard (OsX 10.5) – I know it’s taken me time to find this, my only excuse is that Entourage is my main email software on the Mac ;

Excellent! I can very easily add appointments emailed to me to my personal calendar, and from there on synced to my main diary and my mobile phone! And of course linked to OmniFocus for my GTD activities!

Solaris containers

Hm! SUN has a number of good blogs/resources on their site, and as one of my interests at the moment is virtualisation I am interested in anything they do to make life easier with Solaris containers/zones. So here is a article I found :

Overview of Solaris Container Manager Solaris Container Manager is an integral part of Sun Management Center 4.0 software and is shipped with Sun Management Center as an add-on product. Solaris Container Manager works in a browser-based console to manage software containers, maximize resource utilization, and increase data center productivity. [From BigAdmin Sun Docs: Consolidating Servers and Applications by Using Solaris Container Manager]