Ok – now I understand why Technorati pretends to not know me

I discovered today that Technorati refused to pull up any news from this blog for the last few weeks, and tried to find out why….

To cut a long story short I used the URI http://www.gisvold.co.uk/~gisvold/drupal when I registered the site with Technorati, and it has somehow stopped working.

So I did a /usr/bin/curl –silent –compressed http://www.gisvold.co.uk/~gisvold/drupal from the terminal window, and got a “301 redirect” message back. So I now know that Technorati no longer will follow 301 redirects (for a number of very good reasons I should add). So I had to make sure that Apache rewrites

http://www.gisvold.co.uk/~gisvold/drupal to http://www.gisvold.co.uk/~gisvold/drupal/

(Notice the trailing slash /) – as this should work.

This sentence in .htaccess did the trick :

RewriteRule /Users/gisvold/Sites/drupal$ /Users/gisvold/Sites/drupal/index.php

at least I can see in the log that Technoratibot now finds something : – – [30/Sep/2007:18:42:31 +0100] “GET /~gisvold/drupal HTTP/1.1” 301 331 “-” “Technoratibot/0.7” – – [30/Sep/2007:19:44:15 +0100] “GET /~gisvold/drupal HTTP/1.1” 301 331 “-” “Technoratibot/0.7” – – [30/Sep/2007:19:55:10 +0100] “GET /~gisvold/drupal HTTP/1.1” 301 331 “-” “Technoratibot/0.7” – – [30/Sep/2007:20:01:16 +0100] “GET /~gisvold/drupal HTTP/1.1” 301 331 “-” “Technoratibot/0.7” – – [30/Sep/2007:20:23:21 +0100] “GET /~gisvold/drupal HTTP/1.1” 200 5634 “-” “Technoratibot/0.7”

hopefully this is the end of it…


Update : At least Technorati now updates it’s ping page – it has acknowledged the site again …..

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Kayaking and navigation – GPS?

Now that I’m keen on kayaking I have of course been looking at electronic solutions for navigation. And I do know that there are a number of solutions out there, especially for sea kayaking – but I’m thinking like this :

– If we go “real” seakayaking for the next year or so we will hire a guide, and “proper” sea-kayaks, so navigation will not be much of a problem.

– On a week-to-week basis we will be kayaking mainly on rivers and lakes, so maybe “normal” Landranger maps are more than good enough, so what about this device :


This is electronic and waterproof – their bikemount should be good enough to fasten it to a kayak, and it has all the LandRanger maps available?

The company is called Satmap – their website is awful, and the information is so far quite limited, but it is apparently being launched this week.

Main problem IMHO is the price of their maps – they (and the Ordnance Survey) have not managed to get the price right so far!

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WHat I’m reading at the moment…

I’m just finishing

“The Dreaming Void (Void Trilogy 1)” (Peter F. Hamilton)

and I like this book just as much as I like all the other Peter Hamilton books I have read, they start slowly, but build a phenomenally detailed universe around a number of different characters.

The main, and only, problem with these books is their weight, they are difficult to read on the train, and carry around in a backpack. (-;

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