Actiontastic will be free

The Author of Actiontastic – my favourite To-Do list manager, has decided to abandon any plans to charge for the product, so the latest downloadable version has no expiry date embedded into it anymore. Go and get your copy!

KaBlog / Actiontastic:

Actiontastic will be free and open source. The free (as in “free beer”) part starts tonight. The code (as in “freely available source code”) will follow when the overhead of a new team won’t crush the project under its own weight. Those with experience getting to 1.0 will understand what I mean.

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Another good book

I have just finished reading

“Sun of Suns (Virga)” (Karl Schroeder)

a excellent “hard” science fiction book set in a universe that exists inside what is in effect a big baloon in space, where gravity can only be realised by living inside spinning wheels, and where spaceships are made of wood!

Excellent – with lots of hard science. I look forward to the next book in the series.

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What I have just been reading

“Cast in Shadow” (Michelle Sagara)


“Cast in Courtlight” (Michelle Sagara)

Excellent books from what is a completely new author to me – built within a complex society where several races live in uneasy relationships to each other, and where a young “law enforcement” officer has to struggle with newfound abilities and a society under stress.

Oh boy – that sounded dull – the book is really very, very good = give the first one a try!

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2007 Night Challenge

Our Explorers took part in this weekends night challenge, and got in at 3rd place!

Congratulations to Andrew, Chris, James and Benjamin for a fantastic run! There were only a couple of points between the top 3 groups.

In addition to that only 12 out of 32 teams managed to do the whole challenge, showing you how much our team went through.


This picture was taken just as they started.

And from the morning cermony


And just to give you a idea of the number of teams (32)


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I got to try my jetboil system

At long last I got to try the JetBoil system I got for Christmas – this morning I served hot Chocolate to a group of tired Explorers (see more about this elsewhere), and decided to just bring milk and chocolate instead of making it at home and bringing it in flasks.


And the JetBoil worked perfectly – it heated litres of milk quicker than the Explorers consumed it.

So I would really recommend this extremely compact cooking system (the gas canister and the burner unit unscrews from the “cup” (and can be stored inside it), and is really easily transported.

I just discovered that they make a bigger “pot” (1.5 litres as opposed to the 1 litre I have) as well – good if you want something more than soup/drinks, which uses the same burner and gas canisters.

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