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I spotted this very impressive turning manoeuvre under Millenium Bridge, (as a matter of fact I thought they would crash into the bridge). They did not crash, furtunately, and I was very impressed!



(Click on pics for larger)

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Ok – old news from last week (24th of jan 2007).

The first picture is from outside our front door in the morning


And while walking in – on Tower of London.


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There has been a powercut in out area…

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It’s 07:30 in the morning, and my inbox is showing 34 new emails since midnight! No wonder I am getting behind on catching up with my emails…

I suspect I need a new strategy to deal with this, maybe there is something in GTD (Getting Things Done). I’d better add that to my reading list, as soon as I can reduce my inbox to zero. (-;

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While trying to find out if anyone else had tried to modify a Staywell catflap to foil cat burglars I came across this story about another catflap problem – the author even lives in the same town as us – Godalming:

(Click the link to read the full story)

Catflap Flap:

From Dylan and Thomas (aged nine-months)


Surrey, UK

Dear Mr Staywell Boss Cat,

Please find enclosed the remains of your Staywell Type 21 electronic catflap which hasn’t stayed well at all even though it is only two-weeks old. If you hold all the bits together, there should be a complete door and frame but our owner hasn’t included the power pak because he said what was the point of paying postage on the one thing that was working. He bought it from Robert Dyas in Guildford — who sound a dogey human if you ask us. Our owner also wondered whether your `lifetime’s guarantee’ meant the lifetime of the catflap, the lifetime of us cats, or the lifetime of humans.

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I just got fed up with the large number of remotes we seem to use on a daily basis just in our living room, and ordered a new advanced remote control – a Logitech Harmony 555 (as it is programmable using OsX on a Mac).


Unfortunately it arrived with a fault – the upper right=hand button by the LCD display will only work if you apply extreme pressure (if at all).

So I logged into the website it brought it from – to use their excellent RMA procedure to return it – but it turns out they can’t handle returns for this remote :


Hm! – No URL?

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I may find myself using this service in the future, as I do quite a bit of support of remote friends and relatives:

Copilot 2.0 supports Macs:

Enter Copilot, the Fog Creek online ‘assistive service’ that allows you to connect to a remote computer using a small app and a website. Copilot 2.0 now supports OS X 10.2, and later, as well as both Safari and Firefox. No configuration is required, and the pricing structure is very interesting. 5 bucks will get you 24 hours of unlimited access, and if you find yourself using Copilot more than that there are subscription plans available that should suit your needs.

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So we have spoken to our neighbour about our cat burglar, and we are now trying to go through a number of strategies to keep the cat in at night…

The protagonists:

A Staywell 4-way locking catflap


(Click for larger picture)

And Aasti – a norwegian forest cat.


1. The 4-way lock is of no use. If we set it on full lock (no in or out) she puts her claw in under the first flap (in the drawing as Magnetic Cover and flap), levers it inwards, moves in under it, puts her claw on the 4-way lock and rotates it until it no longer bars the door. Then she puts her claw under the edge of the main flap, and pulls it inwards far enough to get her head under the flap, and goes through.

2. – we put a cardboard box in front of the door. She moves this away, and goes to 1.

3. – we move the laundry basket in front of the catflap. She moves this as well, and goes to 1.

We are now at

3. A piece of over the left hand side of the Magnetic flap and cover when night comes, and this should stop her pulling this inwards. We hope.

Let battle commence….

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We had a message left on our home phone today from someone living up the road.

Apparently one of our cats have broken into their house (!) ruining the catflap, and stolen their cats catfood!

Could we please make sure this does not happen again – and keep our cat indoors.


Hm! Quite a accomplished cat. I’ll go and have a look at the damage tomorrow.

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We bought a Gestruepad from Fingerworks some years ao – and my son still use it every day on his Mac. It let’s you use the device both as a touchpad, and then you can do a number of “gestures: that are mapped to functions such as zooming, clicking, scrolling etc. – Fantastic.

But the company went bust around a year ago – and I have wondered what became of the technology, especially when I saw the iPhone.

So it was with a lot of exitment I read the following story:

Some iPhone touchscreen roots ‘splained by FingerWorks inventors – Engadget:

It really wouldn’t be an Apple device if it didn’t involve the practical kidnapping of a pair of inventors and secretive technology buyouts, and the iPhone seems to be no exception. Word is getting out of John Elias and Wayne Westerman, co-founders of FingerWorks, who were struggling to keep their dream of gesture-operated gadgetry alive when the company suddenly closed up shop a year and a half ago. Few doubt Apple snapped up the pair, and with interesting touchscreen abilities of the iPhone, it looks like it found a use for the men in some secretive underground laboratory. The greatest admission so far to such cahoots comes from Westerman, who said recently: ”The one difference that’s actually quite significant is the iPhone is a display with the multi-touch, and the FingerWorks was just an opaque surface. That’s all I’m going to say there. There’s definite similarities, but Apple’s definitely taken it another step by having it on a display.“ FingerWorks devices, which included a no-touch keyboard, mouse-less mouse pad and other multi-touch devices, have developed a bit of a cult following from ”Fingerfans“ on the internets, with people paying upwards of $1,500 for a FingerWorks keyboard that originally sold for $250. The ergonomics and usability enhancements of FingerWorks devices appeal to a small niche right now, but the hope is that Apple won’t be limiting its implementation of these technologies to just the iPhone — of course, nobody is holding their breath.

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