iPod harddisk repair

I have seen a number of iPods go “bad” where you suddenly have a problem where the iPod stops working on certain songs, and even after reinitialising the iTunes update stops before updating the whole library.

The situation seems impossible to resolve with the normal tools.

In these situations one particular problem seems to be caused by one or more bad sectors on the internal iPod harddisk, and the only way I’ve found around this is to use a disc surface scanner that will reassign these bad sectors (even though they should normally automatically be reassigned by the harddisk firmware when it tries to write to the bad sector).

IMHO the best tool is “Media Scanner” – part of SpeedTools, a excellent collection of disk tools. It will do any number of scans of each sector on the disk, and manually or automatically reassign any bad sectors it finds.

This is what happened when I received yet one more of my sons friends “dead” iPods :


(Click for larger image)

Sector number 22,405,262 on volume ‘Mr I.Pod’ was reported bad.Sector scan on volume named ‘Mr I.Pod’ completed on Monday, October 9, 2006 at 19:33:38 with no bad sectors found.

The bad sector was successfully reassigned.

Sector number 22,405,265 on volume ‘Mr I.Pod’ was reported bad. The bad sector was successfully reassigned automatically.

The iPod now works normally.

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Photos from Norways Lofoten islands

This blog has some fantastic photos from the Lofoten Islands (my dad was born and grew up out there, and I was born at the eastern end) – so pop over and have a look

Norway’s Lofoten Islands | The World Is Not Flat (TwinF):

Put simply, Norway’s Lofoten Islands are surely the most stunning mountain scenery we’ve ever experienced. I’ll let the pictures and a few anecdotes tell the story…

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What (all) norwegians earn

To anyone living in the UK this always astounds them – if you go to the norwegian tax offices website, you can search on the name of any norwegian living and paying tax in Norway and check their income, and how much tax they paid last year……

So all norwegian newspapers are full of analysis of everyones income, as they are sent a full database of income and assets for everyone in their area.

Maybe this is something for the UK to adopt as well?

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Mail found among jumble

While sorting out packages left outside the scouthut today the scouts found a Royal Mail postbag full of mail! As you can see from the photos there was quite a lot of mail there! It was all todays mail as well.



It will all be handed back to Royal Mail tomorrow.

Hm! Their mail handling procedures certainly leaves something to be desired!

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Open letter regarding the state of TitleTrack Jukebox

I am one of the quite satisfied owners of TitleTrack Jukebox, a Macintosh management solution for Sony’s excellent CD jukebox’es. But there is a downside – the software was sold by the original developer 2 years ago (?) – and since then no further development has taken place.

Last week one of the users wrote a open letter to the new owners:

Hi All –

I sent the below Open letter to the Panther Studios Yahoo Group and this

was Dean’s response. Thought you guys might be interested. I am very

bummed that TTJ has been orphaned and would love it if it could be





I understand your frustration. Believe me, we are just as

frustrated as you are. We are not a large company by any means and

our funds are extremely limited. We lost the leases on our Macs

some time ago and have not been able to properly support that side

of the house. We are very sorry for the problems you are

experiencing with the product, but, at this time, we are not able to

delve into it. When we are able to, and I don’t know when that

might be, we will jump back into the code to fix EVERY error

encountered. Despite the “quirks”, most Mac customers we have sold

to are very happy and find ways and means and get around them.

Are you talking about the cover art feature to download the cover

art from the web for a given CD?


— In pantherstudios@yahoogroups.com, “mikezuk” <mikezuk@...> wrote:


> Dean –


> Why did you buy Titletrack Jukebox? You have done nothing to support

> the product other than add SAVR support, despite promises to the

> contrary. The code has not been touched since before the last two

> major MAC OS X releases. With each OS X release the program has

> gotten progressively more unstable. For at least a year or more

The Get Art feature does not work at all.


> All this despite promises by you when you bought it that you would

> maintain it and update it – and yet it has been completely

orphaned. It would be one thing if you provided another Mac based


But you don’t of course. If you dont want to support the Mac, fine.

But why dont you just release the code into the public domain or

Sell it/give it to someone who is interested in maintaining it.


> If I sound pissed, I am. Buying out a software product that has a

> large and loyal following and then abandoning it without providing

an alternative solution is not nice.


> Mike


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