The Indigo wind-up lantern

This lantern from freeplay caught my eye as the ideal emergency tool for the car – as 60 seconds of cranking the handle gives you up to 2 hours worth of light!! And the built-in rechargeable battery can be charged by “normal” means as well.

Not bad for a camping trip either – I now need to find out where they sell them.


If you follow the link to their site – be prepared for a long wait. This is unfortunately the slowest site I’ve seen in a long time, each page for a product requires a download of a object between 7 and 2 Mbyte in size!!! Someone needs to tell them about Web 2.0 and Ajax.

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What I’m reading on the train just now

“Bollocks to Alton Towers: Uncommonly British Days Out” (Jason Hazeley, Robin Halstead, Joel Morris, Alex Morris)

This is a book about typical “british” things to see – the type of thing we foreigners tend to see as typical british.

This includes attractions like the “Lawnmower museum” – which the authors actually describe in such a way that I’d actually like to go and see it.

It contains a wealth of information about attractions i had never heard about!

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Stansted list of non-permitted and permitted food you can (not) bring on board

Excellent – this is why I refuse to go on longhaul at the moment :

The following items are NOT PERMITTED in your cabin baggage:


• Any drinks in cans, bottles, plastic containers, cardboard cartons, etc

Cosmetics and toiletries

• All consumable cosmetics and toiletries (solids and liquids), eg:

– Soaps

– Creams

– Lipsticks or lip balms

– Mascara

– Toothpaste

– Talcum powder

– Hairspray and other aerosol items

– Deodorants

– Sun tanning products

– Bottles of contact lens solution


• Any liquid-based food products in packets, tubes, plastic or tin containers

• Pasta or any other foodstuffs in sauces, gravies or other liquids

• Jams and syrups

• Sauces

• Pastes

• Yoghurts

• Soups (carton or otherwise)

• Stews

• Curry

Writing implements

• Spare cartridges for fountain pens

Smoking materials

• Cigarette lighters

• Non safety matches

The following items ARE PERMITTED in your cabin baggage:


• Empty containers such as flasks and mugs

Cosmetics and toiletries

• Sanitary towels and tampons

• Non-consumable cosmetics and toiletries, eg:

– Combs

– Cotton Wool

– Fully disposable razors/razor cartridges

– Toothbrushes

– Disposable contact lenses in sealed packaging, sufficient for flight (ie one or two pairs)

– Non-disposable contact lenses in carrier with small amount of solution (but not bottles of solution)


• Sandwiches

• Crisps

• Fruit

• Vegetables

• Other solid foods

Writing implements

• Biros, rollerball pens, gel pens

• Fountain pens with single, open cartridge in use (but no refills)

• Pencils

Baby milk/baby food

• Empty containers such as empty bottles beakers or flasks

• Baby milk (if tasted by the passenger)

• Sterilised baby water (if tasted by the passenger)

• Baby juice (if tasted by the passenger)

• Baby food in liquid, gel or paste form (if tasted by the passenger)

• Baby food powder (need not be tasted)

Smoking materials

• Cigarettes

• Cigars

• Rolling tobacco

• Cigarette papers

• A single book or box of safety matches

We are sorry for the inconvenience this will cause you

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