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We went to a fantastic restaurant called Grosvenor in the small town of Southampton on the edge of Lake Huron yesterday.

The restaurant is located in a former railway station building, and was a extremely pleasant surprise! (Well maybe nor for all of us – our hosts seem to visit it at regular intervals). The menu was extensive, and the 5 of us opted for different courses, with 2 going for vegetarian food, the rest had the whole menu to get lost in.

And the food was excellent – my Bison steak was cooked just right (rare) and enormous (I had the rest for breakfast today).

The desserts were works of art – the only problems was that we were quite stuffed at this stage.





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In a quiet neighbourhood in Canada my brother-in-law was surprised to hear a very loud “shot-like” sound, and ventured out into the street where he encountered one of the neighbours. He asked “Did you hear the bloody loud bang”. Whereupon the neighbour just shrugged her shoulders and replied “It’s just one of those darned exploding squirrels again”.

It took a while – but in the end he understood. In their street they have mast mounted transformers, and a unlucky squirrel is just long enough to be able to touch both high voltage terminals at once (for a very short time) – leading to the explosion, and some time for the power company to reset the transformer….

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This is one of the more exiting products I have seen for a long time in the “hi-fi” arena:

Slim Devices : Product Info : Transporter:

Slim Devices’ Transporter™ was designed to appeal to the most discerning audiophiles and

music lovers. It streams digital music with sound quality that surpasses even the most exotic compact

disc players.

At the heart of Transporter is a “no compromise” attitude to component selection and electronic design.


This product seems to be able to tap into most music files stored on a computer, and electronics to match – giving you the best possible way to play your computer-based files to a decent stereo. I have been waiting for this for a while – so now I need to get my hands on one to test!!!

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Taken this evening:

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From Yahoo search when you look up Kincardine to find out what to doL


To make it easier – Kincardine is in the shore of Lake Huron, so “Bodies of water” is a bti of a understatement:

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This restaurant had some good writeups, so we went there a couple of days ago.

The menu was excellent, with lots of interesting dishes, making it difficult to choose (a pleasant problem).

The service was excellent, but unfortunately the food did not live up to expectations. One dish was so greasy that we gave up on eating it, one was excellent, and the last one was a mess.

My spit with various seafood delicacies was a mixture of cold and hot, the rice was cold – all in all not the kind of experience we had expected. But then again we did not help the situation by being typical europeans, we did not complain loudly – just told the staff that one dish was to greasy. Maybe we should behave like americans and demand to return the food?


We walked by Izakaya yesterday – as the original restaurant we were aiming for was closed, and walked in. The writeup on the internet was :


High-concept Westernized Japanese fast food for those afraid of sushi and sashimi. In their place, big bowls of noodle soup…more

The food was excellent – and plentiful. The service left something to be desired – as the 2 vegetarians received the wrong dish (it was swapped with no problems) and the juice we ordered had to be chased up, as the waiter had forgotten about it – something we would have thought difficult as all was recorded on a handheld computer?

All in all a enjoyable meal.

But the concept seemed to be a copy of Wagamama in the UK – down to the food on the menu, the way the menus were presented, the way the dishes were served and so on……but according to the article about them in a local magazine, this is a standalone restaurant.

We saw the owner get up from his business meeting to greet guests and seat them, a good sign.


We’ve been trying to find the logic behind the street name sin Kitchener/Waterloo, so I was feeling much better after reading the following in Wikipedia :

King Street is the main street that travels roughly North-South through the downtown of Kitchener and Waterloo. In Waterloo, it is labelled King St. North and South, with the transition at Erb Street. In Kitchener, it is labelled King St. East and West, and at one point jogs fifty feet to the left where it becomes “Old King”.

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This short extract seems to describe the differences between a Portal Server and a Application Server quite well:

Enterprise Portal & Portlet FAQ:

What is the difference between a Portal server and an Application server? Before understanding portal server, we will have to understand portal. As we know, portal in nothing but a web application. In simple words, a portal server is an application having a portal and its management capabilities. In traditional web application, we have a separate management section for managing the web application. Portal server provides the application as well as that management section. In other words, a portal server is an application deployed inside application server.

Whereas, an application server is a system that provides the execution environment that is at the core of network computing or web-based architectures, providing a full set of services.

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